SI-BONE, Inc. Announces Aetna Establishes Positive Coverage for MIS SI Joint Fusion using the Triangular iFuse Implant System

May 29, 2020 at 9:17 AM EDT

New positive coverage policy further validates acceptance of iFuse as an important treatment option for patients with chronic sacroiliac joint dysfunction

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SI-BONE, Inc., (Nasdaq: SIBN), a Silicon Valley-based medical device company dedicated to solving musculoskeletal disorders of the sacropelvic anatomy, announced today that Aetna has established a positive coverage policy for minimally invasive SI joint fusion.

The new policy covers minimally invasive arthrodesis of the sacroiliac joint (e.g., iFuse) for sacroiliac joint syndrome and sacroiliac joint pain.  This decision was based upon the extensive amount of published clinical evidence demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of the iFuse Implant System, including recently published 5-year results from a long-term prospective study called LOIS (Long Term Outcomes from INSITE and SIFI). 

Aetna is the third largest commercial health plan in the United States with over 22 million members. The new policy, available at this link , becomes effective May 28, 2020.

“As a result of this positive coverage decision, Aetna’s 22 million medical plan members will have access to the iFuse procedure when deemed medically necessary by their surgeons,” said Jeffrey Dunn, President, CEO and Chairman at SI-BONE.  “Aetna’s decision to cover MIS SI joint fusion with iFuse is a significant milestone and further expands access and adoption of this important treatment option for patients with SI joint dysfunction due to degenerative sacroiliitis or SI joint disruption.”

SI-BONE is a medical device company that pioneered minimally invasive surgery of the SI joint with the iFuse Implant System. Studies have shown that the SI joint can be a source of pain in 15% to 30% of chronic low back pain. The iFuse Implant™, commercially available since 2009, is the only SI joint fusion device supported by multiple prospective clinical studies, including two randomized controlled trials, showing improved pain, patient function and quality of life resulting from treatment. There are over 80 peer-reviewed publications demonstrating the safety, durable effectiveness, and biomechanical and economic benefits unique to the iFuse Implant ( This body of evidence has enabled multiple government and private insurance payors to establish coverage of the SI joint fusion procedure exclusively when performed with the iFuse Implant System.

The iFuse Implant System is intended for sacroiliac fusion for conditions including sacroiliac joint dysfunction that is a direct result of sacroiliac joint disruption and degenerative sacroiliitis. This includes conditions whose symptoms began during pregnancy or in the peripartum period and have persisted postpartum for more than 6 months. The iFuse Implant System is also intended for sacroiliac fusion to augment stabilization and immobilization of the sacroiliac joint in skeletally mature patients undergoing sacropelvic fixation as part of a lumbar or thoracolumbar fusion. In addition, the iFuse Implant System is intended for sacroiliac fusion in acute, non-acute, and non-traumatic fractures involving the sacroiliac joint. There are potential risks associated with the iFuse Implant System. It may not be appropriate for all patients and all patients may not benefit.

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